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Episode 1 was amazing

Started by mgiuca, March 24, 2012, 04:09:56 AM

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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to the developers for building this fabulous game. I've known about TSL for a while but I wanted to play through all of the old games first. Having never played KQ before, I bought all 8 of the Sierra KQ games last year and have been playing through them in order. So I am definitely a "new" KQ fan, but I'm now well versed in the series history.

Well, I've played, and loved, the first 7 games, and I just started playing Mask of Eternity. But I really cannot stand it, so I jumped ahead and played TSL Episode 1 today. I must say I am completely impressed with the quality of this game as a fan project. Clearly, the developers are going for a very faithful recreation of the KQ world, with the characters and places being instantly familiar to players of the old games. Compared to Mask of Eternity, which couldn't even get Graham or the Daventry throne room right, this is fan heaven.

There was only one puzzle in the episode, so it was pretty light on gameplay. I'm hoping Episode 1 was being used to introduce us to the story and characters, and the later episodes will have more puzzles. But I didn't really mind it, because I play KQ for the story and characters anyway. The other thing that I'm not sure about is that it seems like the whole game will be set in the Green Isles and as such, nearly all of the places will be a direct recreation of KQ6. Hopefully there are some new locations in the later episodes.

If there was ever supposed to be a new KQ game, this is exactly it. I look forward to playing the next three episodes, and wish the team luck with the release of the final episode soon.


Thank you mgiuca! That's so nice of you, I'm glad you're enjoying the game so much. :) Welcome to the boards!

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