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Hints ahead of time?

Started by GrahamRocks!, March 24, 2012, 07:26:02 PM

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Okay, just started Episode 2. Is it possible to get hints/solutions to puzzles early so I won't have to worry about it later?

You know, for stuff like:

The Chessboard puzzle

Pandoras Box

The action sequence in Episode 3 with the awesome music

How to easily find the lock and key in the hedge maze

How to get all the Suffer easter eggs  :suffer: :suffer: (I know where two of them are, one is in town that you use the golden padlock on, and the other is on the Isle of The Mists. I think you light all the candles? or was that changed?)

What are all the tunes Graham whistles in-game in order? I want to know, so I can look them up and compare.

The final fight with Shadrack, how to counter?

Also, I'm a very detailed person, so I'll probably click on everything and am trying to get all the death messages.

Edit: Ummm... I have a problem. When I went for my first death message, I saw Graham drown, the message appeared, I clicked Retry, and... the game froze. So, I thought "Well, maybe my laptop needs a rest. I've kept it on all day to slowly download TSL onto it.", so I restart it, and play through Episode Two like I did before (getting the Nightshade, meeting Hole-In-The-Wall at the Isle of the Sacred Mountain) and saved before going into the water like I did last time. The game froze AGAIN! And now the one save file is gone! I checked it to see if it saved, and it's just gone! Is this my punishment for being too detail oriented or something?


I have a walkthrough for episodes 1-3 I have not gotten around to posting the 4th episode yet...
I probably wont soon. But i know Cheif has made one. I think he put a link in my tagged post in the Hints section :-)

hope this helps :-)

Found it. This walk through has 1-4
Also on my website i have all the deaths of king graham 1-3 i believe :-)


Hmm. Post in the Tech Support forum for some help with the saved game issue (or check the solved tickets subforum to see if a solution was already posted).

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Yeah... I didn't think "Oh! I should look in Tech Support!" until after a day had already passed from posting that. I decided to uninstall on my laptop, and reinstall on my desktop seeing as I mostly use my desktop for gaming and laptop for schoolwork anyway.

What about the Suffers and whistles? I do love easter eggs!

...And I just noticed the Contests page. So THAT'S where the whistle list and Suffers are! How silly of me!