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Started by telepathic_cat, February 04, 2007, 03:24:31 PM

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This will be the thread in which we place weird, kooky, or just screwed up chat logs from  To kick it off, this is a log from the last couple hours between me, Raf, and Deloria.  Oh, yeah, I almost long has it been since I've been here?  Oh well, enjoy.

Also, wear earplugs so that when your brain melts, you don't get it on your shirt.

(Oh, one last thing: it's in reverse chronological order.  So, read bottom to top. :P)


Hey, guys.  Message me, or IM me, or something...


*reads* That's great!! XD

I haven't been on GOA in forever... ... in fact, the last time I was on that site I downloaded the development kit and stuff... I was going to try to get the scenes from KQ1-3 that it doesn't have starting with like Daventry castle and working my way out  :P I don't think I ever got much done...
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Does anyone feel like getting on GOA tonight? :)
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Sure!!  Oh wait.  To late now, eh?

Hey, guys.  Message me, or IM me, or something...