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An introduction, from someone new

Started by oncetoomuch, May 19, 2012, 02:22:28 PM

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So, I've had my head down for the past few months since being hired on as an Assistant Game Designer just trying to get up to speed on everything.  Hopping on board a train that's already moving is its own challenge.  Trying to contribute meaningfully to a project while at the same time trying to understand all of what's going on is even trickier.
That said, I've picked my head up a little bit and have decided to pop into the forums and introduce myself.

My name is Nick Bryan.  I recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin and while here I've had a few odd jobs, which are the sorts of jobs I prefer.  Writing for a comic strip and driving for a sweet local cab company (we drive hybrids and use iPads for dispatch) has kept me just barely in the financial black.  I saw Phoenix was looking to hire on an Assistant Game Designer and for whatever reason decided to apply.  A design test and an interview later, suddenly I'm helping make the game!

Adventure games were some of my first memorable gaming experiences.  And somehow they stuck with me past those early experiences.  I counted down the days to Grim Fandango being released.  I had an employee go into the back and search through the recent deliveries to cut open boxes until he found Gabriel Knight 3 the day it got released.  I had a fairly obsessive relationship with GameTZ for some time and got to trade for lots of rare games. 

I haven't prowled around the forums too much (again, recall that this head has been buried in work), so this might be redundant, but what sorts of game favorites are out there?
I've been getting more and more interested in the idea of games pushing artistic and thematic boundaries, much the same way Alan Moore kicked giant holes in the popular conception of comics with Watchmen and some of his other early work.  I tend to be drawn to ghettoized media because what this means is that there is still room to grow and develop in the medium.
I've loved following Tim Schaefer's thoughts on his new adventure, asking some interesting and fundamental questions like, 'hey, do we need puzzles to have an adventure game?  What is the thing that makes this experience fun or gratifying or valuable?'

Anyhow, this is probably already longer than it should, but feel free to pose questions, toss up some love for adventure games, or anything else that comes to mind.  I'd really like to get to know this community. 



Wow, you lucky ducky! Assistant game designer to Phoenix is the dream for us ameteurs out there who are just learning programming. :yes:

Since you're hardly new to the game, I'll just say this: welcome to the forums! Please post away and get to know us. We're grateful for you guys, and we're a relatively harmless group of fans. ;)
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Perpetually. ;D
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Nick! Glad you finally popped in over here. :)

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