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[NOT-FIXED]Can't quit to the main menu/title screen?? (Category: Misc)

Started by starsapphire, May 21, 2012, 09:40:30 PM

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After waiting many years for the true finale for King's Quest, and finally having a computer capable of running it, I downloaded the Episode 4 compilation which also includes the previous 3 episodes. Had no issues with it thus far, aside from the inability to save, which was fixed by the "click to run as an administrator" solution.

But I've encountered an error where I cannot quit to the title screen from the menu options from the ESC button. When I try to do so, the game crashes. I noticed that this was also an error when finishing an episode (I just finished episode 1) and it wouldn't let me return to the title screen when I clicked the option, and only crashed when I did so.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? And not just the ones specific to transitioning between episodes. I mean just using the option from the regular menu. For your information, I am using Windows 7.


This is one of those odd bugs I just couldn't ever nail down in any way.  The game engine wasn't giving us any kind of error when this crash happened, and it seemed to either happen every single time for someone or never.  Personally I've never been able to successfully use that option either, while a number of my other testers never had any problem at all.
Weldon Hathaway


Thanks for your response. I guess like you, I am also one of the unlucky folks where their computer produces this problem with the game. At least the crashes themselves are easy enough to handle, and you can return to the desktop via control-alt-delete/program shutdown, and it doesn't freeze your computer outright.