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Sam Suede Kickstarter (& controversy)

Started by KatieHal, June 01, 2012, 03:55:31 PM

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Looks like there's a bit of a Kickstarter-adventure-game-related controversy going on. A KS started for "Sam Suede" a game once designed by Al Lowe but never actually made. Their launch apparently implied Lowe was involved in the new game, which he isn't, and Replay Games (remaking LSL, you'll recall), jumped to say they were going to sue over this.

But it seems that things have been clarified and settled down at this point, and no legal actions are going to be taken--in fact, Lowe has given them his blessing and best wishes.

An interesting bit of game industry news and kerfuffle. Anyone happen to see the Sam Suede page when it first launched? (or, are you backing it now? I've never heard of it until now myself.)

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Yeah, I saw the page initially.  It made it seem as if Al Lowe was currently and actively involved in the project now.

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