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Started by koko_99_2001, June 26, 2010, 02:22:51 PM

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The Good: School is going well so far.

The Bad: Toontown Online is shutting down in two weeks! *sniffle, sob* It was my first MMO! I haven't played in 4 years, having moved onto other games (like Wizard101, Sierra On-Line games enc)... and I was JUST thinking, "Y'know, I kinda miss ToonTown! I think I'll get back into it!"

Guess I won't get to do that now, can I?!

*sob* And I was having a decent day up until now too!


The bad: certain things about this day
The good: Though I'm now less stressed because of said things
What seems impossible now will be a distant memory down the road.


The GREAT: It's a boy!! Just announced it on Facebook yesterday.

The GOOD: totally overwhelmed at our church baby shower yesterday :)

The GOOD: such a cute cake. Kimie mentioned it was a cake Cedric would appreciate :)

The BAD: the cell phone pic is too large to attach :(
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Good: Finally back home after vacationing in North Carolina!

Bad: Last night was just bad all around...


the good: finally having some time to visit here again
the good: star wars written by Shakespeare
the good: weekend
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THE ODD: This thread hasn't been touched since September of last year.
THE ODDER: I haven't been around since like 2012.
THE GOOD: Lifegiving water, nectar of the gods!
THE UGH: Too much of a good thing. I have to pee.  ::)
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-Checking the forum. 

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Good: Yay for surprisingly cheap gas prices today! Yay for the computer repair shop not charging me for replacing my keyboard! Yay for cheap external keyboards!

Bad: Boo for the keyboard I got online that was said replacement turned out to be defective and while my old keyboard has the Z key and currently my right Shift and my up, down and left arrow keys not working is bad, it's honestly better than having my WASD keys not work.


GOOD: I'm not dead...

BAD: ...which means I'm still alive.
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