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Hello - and I start with a Question.

Started by MythMaster, June 16, 2012, 09:51:40 PM

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I played MythMaster: A Vagabond's Adventure, this old dos game, when it first came out and have no idea what the main point/quest of the game is.

I have walked around the map millions of times, died in some hilariously lame ways and still have no clue how to finish it. In a post in 2007, this forum is one of the few that has ever even discussed this game, let alone posted details. so it is here that I come, asking if anyone knows of this game or how to finish it, maybe even just achieve a decent degree of satisfaction.
This game has been a thorn in my side since I broke my neck walking past the tree with the house on top of it and I would love some direction to complete it.


Welcome, MythMaster! Sorry - I'm not familiar with that game. In her post, Storm said she was off to write a walkthrough, but I don't find one. She hasn't been around in a while. Good luck, though!

Steve Abbott | Beta Tester | The Silver Lining


Not a walkthrough, but this is the text manual for the game.  It summarizes the basic premise, gives play tips, and tells you some of the words the parser understands.