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Started by maarikae, May 29, 2004, 09:44:39 AM

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 ???HeLp!! I just bought The King's Quest Collection and for King's Quest 4 you need the manual to get past protection lock. But Kings Quest Collection doesn't come with a manual!!! Does anyone know the passwords??? ???


welcome to this forum maarikae!!

I'm sorry, but I can't help you because I don't have KQ4 nor do I have the collection ; )
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Is there perhaps a manual on the CD-ROM with it?  Alternatively, I have the codes, or someone else probably does, but I don't know that it's legal, forum-wise, to discuss such things >>
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nope, codes aren't allowed... you have to use other ways to contact ppl i guess
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welcome to the forums maarikae,

If you bought that game I suggest you to consult with the previous owner of it. If you can't manage to do so and consider another alternative I believe you should attempt to do it outside the forum, thanks.

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