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Who's Online Now?

Started by Suomalainen, May 25, 2004, 02:17:53 AM

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Hey everyone, I'm sure something like this has been posted before but maybe there's a way to see who is online and browsing in certain forums.
Is there something I should know?

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At the "top" of the forum, under the banner, are eight buttons...the fourth one says "who's online" on that and you'll get to see who's browsing what.  

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Welcome to the KQ9 Forum Suomalainen !!!
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Koko's right, the Who's Online feature is in the menu at the top of the forums.  But the ability to see which user is browsing the same forum you are isn't possible with this version of the forum software.  When we upgrade, the newer version will have this capability.  8)
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Welcome to the forum, Suomalainen!! ;D

IIRC, one of the previous boards allowed you to see who's browsing the same forum 8)
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