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Re:New section of forums

Started by Yonkey, June 11, 2004, 11:12:22 PM

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Yup!  I whole-heartedly agree with you and it's been discussed before too.  

I actually haven't thought of the exact names yet, but there will be a Hints forum designed purely for help with the game (most of those topics will contain spoilers) and a Technical Support forum where you would report bugs and/or problems installing or playing the game.

I believe all the current forums will also stay (i.e. Plot, Programming, Art), so discussions based purely on Plot will still be placed in that forum.  It may or may not contain spoilers.

Also, I'm considering adding a SPOILER tag or something that will easily mark a post or thread as one that contains a spoiler, so read at your own discretion.
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correct, there will also be a part that will be like "THE ULTIMATE KQ9 LOVE/HATE THREAD" when you can either praise us or tell us how much we suck, see how cool we are? :P

lol, btw, Im making that up :D, as Neil already said we have no idea what we may name things into, but there is an idea of that ;)

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Hahaha, actually the love/hate thread is a really good idea!  I think I've seen something like that in other forums before.  I remember one place calling it "The Official Praise/b**** thread".  :suffer:
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I'll be staying the heck out of that one :o
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Well, I didn't know about the old discusion, I must not have looked at the old threads close enough.