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Four Winds: 10 Things Not To Do In Daventry

Started by writerlove, August 16, 2012, 05:04:00 PM

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What must one avoid when traveling to Daventry? The Four Winds has a few ideas.
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10 Additional Things Not To Do In Daventry:

1. Do not go wandering in swamps. Most swamps are quagmires which will quickly suck you under! And you DO NOT want to know how that stuff tastes!

2. Be careful around strangers. This is even more true when the stanger has three heads. They likely have more than a pleasant chat in mind...

3. Be VERY careful around large spiders. If it LOOKS like a spider web, you should stay back, and you should DEFINITELY not try to climb on it!

4. Do not gorge on baked beetles. One or two is fine, but any more, and it will be the last thing you do!

5. Be reasonable when you explore. Sticking your hand into random openings is an invitation for trouble, and could get you trapped forever, among other things. (And keep in mind that narrators won't narrate for stinky people.)

6. If you are going for a cart ride, make certain it is intact. Carts with three wheels NEVER go in a straight line!

7. NEVER drink salt water when in a desert. Just the slightest sip will render you dead!

8. Even if a dragon is clearly friendly, always use caution around its tail. You could end up VERY flat!

9. Always watch where you are going. Walking off a dock or into an open grave will NEVER end well.

10. Never, ever, EVER touch a Jack-in-the-Box. It may look like a harmless toy, but open it and you may soon find yourself having an audience with Lord Samhain!
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