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Four Winds: Tamir: Opportunity and Anarchy

Started by writerlove, September 05, 2012, 09:55:39 PM

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"Love can't be banished, even from this place. ... still less can it be banished from my heart."
"ENOUGH! Burden me not with thy poetry."-KQ6


Commas do not belong before conjunctions unless you are joining two independent clauses into a compound sentence or are making use of the Oxford comma (which can only be used by items in series and two items don't make a series). In rare cases, half of a pair of commas offsetting something parenthetical or of less significance to the meaning of the sentence might incidentally fall before a conjunction: this isn't really an exception because the pair of commas is correlative punctuation much like (,) and [,].

Less salubrious employment is also available, and is often the only avenue left for desperate souls. comma in compound verb

It is clear to me that this gleaming city on a hill, promised by politicians, is nothing but an ideal, and that the very people who promise freedom .... comma in compound object

... that such people can make their own kings very happily, and regret it later. comma in a compound verb

What matters is not these abstract ideals, but the happiness of individual people within society. comma in a compound predicate nominative

::) :P

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exhaustive list of grammatical errors or problems... but just things that leapt out at me... with jagged comma-y fangs!  :vampire:
Noli me tangere! Nescio ubi fuisti!
Don't touch me! I don't know where you've been!

Marquess of Pembroke
Duke of Saxony in Her Majesty's Court
Knight of the Swan for Her Imperial Highness

...resistance was obviously useless against a family that could invent italics.

"Let the locative live."