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Four Winds: Daventry's Pick Up Lines

Started by writerlove, September 08, 2012, 07:28:16 PM

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Have a fair maiden or prince you'd like to romance? Four Winds has some ideas about what to say upon introduction.
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Wow, those are...awfully explicit.

(Excpet for #10, which I think is really very straightforward. :P)
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*smiles, groans and facepalms*  :rofl: Worse than Pirate pick up lines.


I'm not sure whether I should be proud for coming up with some of those... or apologize. xD

Just in case - I AM SO SORRY.
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So here we were working on the previous H&G show late at night and we were having fun tossing ideas around for Four Winds for some point while on a break. In a tired stupor I said "What about pick-up lines?" thinking we'd never actually do it. But we kept the idea around. Then I ended up writing ten of these.

I hope none were too raunchy  ;D

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