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Four Winds Art

Started by Say, November 07, 2012, 03:45:13 PM

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I apologize if there's a thread like this somewhere, but I did sort of look and I wasn't able to find anything similar. Which is crazy, there's so much talent in there and not one sole thread to give props to these lovely people <3

Here are *few* I got out, that I absolutely love :)

Just wondering, is there a credit section? I'd love to get to know the artists!

AND OF COURSE... I saved the best for last! :D lol <3

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

#IndieSupport <3


They are all done by different artists. If you give me some time I can dig around for you. :)


I was able to think of all but two of top of my head :P Yes, I agree.We have amazing artists :) Maybe we could tag the posts by which writer and which artists? I do that for the pseudonyms, but maybe with our real names, too.
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We have the credit page! We just have to look there and then look at our production calendar :)