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hedgemaze glitch

Started by cherubim, October 11, 2012, 11:42:27 PM

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Ok I have a question about the hedgemaze, but before I go there I just wanted to say that I also had the episode 3 not ending problem and based on how the youtube video showing the ending was solved differently than how I did it, I think the problem was the ingredient that was last attained. If you got the salt last you get no ending, if you get the silver moon you get to see the ending. I haven't tested it, but just wanted to point that out.

Ok my question is, using the druid scroll thing in the hedgemaze, I see the ingredients first, the next page shows to find the key which talks about a lady wanting to hide her heart, and the third page shows a map of where the lock is. I got the lock and I figure the key must be found using a map too. It appears that there is also a picture of where the key should be, I hear something being drawn in the paragraphs about the lady but no drawing. When I use the eye icon it says it is a section of the maze which makes no sense since there is no drawing. Is there a fix for this, or is it possible I can see this section of the maze, I don't want to have to cheat to get through it as I gotten no help so far.


I'm going to move this over to the Hints forum. :)

Regarding the maze and the part about the Lady: if you look closely at what's written there, you'll find there are directions hidden in the message.

More direct spoiler below:
[spoiler]Look at the names of the maids and the letters they start with--each is one of the cardinal directions (N, E, S, W). Start at the fountain and follow the directions given by the message.[/spoiler]

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I don't think that's what the OP was having problems with - it sounds like the maze picture isn't working. Maybe someone can post a screen shot? Also, you can find hints and spoilers here:

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The drawing sound is the paragraphs you see being "drawn." There's no "drawing" to go with that particular page.
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Yeah, after re-reading this, it does sound like it's the text part of the scroll the OP was talking about. I was going to fix my post, but I wasn't at my computer, and my phone has been acting weird with typing lately. It keeps wanting to double the first letters of words. :-\

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yah, I found it strange that there is a drawing sound when that sound only came when there was a drawing. Once I understood that the paragraphs were not a glitch I was able to finish the game, or well episode 1-4, with no other help. Thanks for letting me know!