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Happy Thanksgiving forum frands

Started by Say, November 22, 2012, 08:36:26 AM

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Today has been kind of a sad day, not just because I won't be having turkey but because of plenty other reasons: I miss Dad, mom is not doing well, I want to throw my cane out the window lol, my puppy is also not doing very well either and I get to spend the day doing a field trip at the hospital. BUT, but... there's always so many different reasons to b**** and whine and whatever, we rarely get to stop for a second to realize the good parts here and there.

Today I just want to say that regardless all the obvious sad bits, I am thank you for my friends. I am thankful I came here and I got to know such beautiful people. I am thankful I came back and you guys were still there for me after everything that happened to me. You guys make a difference in my life, as stupid and corny as many may think it would sound - I don't care. You guys are kind, you are loving, you are fun, you are smart, you are wonderful, you are the coolest folks I have ever met online and I don't care where I am or what I do: you guys ARE special and you guys ARE the best in my eyes.

It means a lot to me because once you become all jaded, old, broken, cynical and bitter (I typed bittar at first lol, what a typo :D) little things like this prove you wrong and then you realize like maybe there's more than that. So you smile.

I don't even need to say who you are, you already know who you are. I love you all <3.

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Best hand turkey ever. :)

Happy Thanksgiving (or, y'know, happy Thursday) everyone! :)

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That's the best hand turkey ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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Happy day after Thanksgiving! And Say, awww! :sweetheart:

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