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Amy Lewis search - Case search / People search problem

Started by Lemewiusius, January 21, 2015, 01:33:55 AM

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We're having an issue with progressing and we can't figure out what the problem is regardless of how many walkthroughs we look at.

We have just finished the interrogation of Robert Goodman and gone back to the FBI Station. We received the text message regarding Amy Lewis. We have looked up Antony Longmore and downloaded his prints to the device. We have also looked up Amy Lewis in "People Search" and Erika just says "Hmmm".

We have spoken to John regarding Antony Longmore and have tried to talk to Sully as John suggests but Erika keeps saying she needs to check more on the the computer.

We try "Amy Lewis" in the "Case Search" under all options we could think of (murder/suicide - I assume hanging is the cause) and get nowhere.

If we add Sarah as a refinement we simply get Sarah Goodmans file which is not right.

Please help. My fiance and I love playing these games together. We're both big fans of Jane's work and we desperately want to progress in this story.


Hi there, glad to hear you're enjoying Cognition.  ;D

After searching for Amy Lewis on "people search" try searching for her again, but this time on "cases database" like so:


Hey stika,

Oh man I can't believe we missed that! Thanks heaps.  ;D