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New post troubles

Started by Storm, May 22, 2003, 04:20:27 PM

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Was I the only one who had trouble posting the last few days? I suspect not, since I noticed even less posts than usual are being added ::)
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I didn't even think to post because until I noticed this problem, I didn't think anyone else was making new posts!

Anyway, When I just came, new posts are showing as new.  So I guess the issue if fixed, whatever it was, could have even been my computer...
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Same here girls.

And shortly before I was getting post notifies that were for things I'd already seen and would direct to something like page 3 of 5 in the middle of a thread; and that would was an old post.

It's getting crazy!  :o :o

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lol, while i was away and I didnt post I still got all the email notify post stuff, god how annoying I used to delete like 5 per day or something, some days where even more :P

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