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Started by KatieHal, December 03, 2012, 09:05:28 AM

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Our Metacritic score has finally gone green! I'm a bit amazed at how few reviews they've pulled in, though--what a strange creature Metacritic is.

We are currently lacking in user reviews over there, however, so if folks can give us a write-up and score, we would appreciate it!

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Metacritic isn't very adventure game friendly because they only take reviews from websites they deem are reputable, which are usually more large general gaming sites.  You can see they took the AdventureGamers review as that is pretty much "the" adventure game review site, but they won't take many of the other adventure game site reviews.  So unless the adventure game is one with a lot of hype(Heavy Rain, LA Noire), you aren't going to see that many reviews coupled with an adventure game on Metacritic.  I have seen them put up JustAdventure reviews on a few games though, so you might want to toss them an e-mail with your mass of reviews if you haven't already, point out that detail, and see if they'll add at least that review. 


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