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Old Retro Games

Started by stika, February 21, 2013, 03:22:41 AM

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BASIC - none of that "Visual" stuff!

10 Goto 10


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Started playing Zork Grand Inquisitor, never played any of the Zork games before

The game is absolutely hilarious!


I want to start the Zork Series, but I don't know where to really jump in.

I don't want to start at the absolute start because it was a text based game... But I don't even know what order to play them.

It is almost as confusing as the discworld novels, but in those there is already a chart that tells you the order of books to read.


I was actually in the exact same spot as you and a riend of mine got me the game I'm playing now, Zork Inquisitor.

It's the last game in the series and you don't have to play the previous games to know the story as this is a completely independent story


It's weird how I don't like racing games, yet old school Sega racing games always get me hooked.

Played Manx TT Superbike on the Saturn this morning, by the time I took a look at the clock 2 hours had passed, was almost late to work too which is quite a feat considering I work from home :P