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Opinions of King's Quest I

Started by Sir Perceval of Daventry, September 30, 2011, 05:59:21 PM

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Why is this in the Silver Lining forum and not the Gaming Talk thread?  I usually avoid the TSL section like the plague, lest my brain be addled by all of the drooling sycophants.  Now I'm going to actually have to check it periodically to see if there are any interesting topics.  Come on, mods.

King's Quest 1 was great--the SCI version in particular is a beautiful game.  The original is charming, too, in it's own way.  In general I love the more arcade-like feel of the direct-control KQ games.  The most memorable moment for me was realizing that the bean stalk solution to getting to the giant's realm existed, after years of using the stairs because of not being able to guess the gnome's name without a walkthrough.  I also love the non-violent solution of being able to avoid the giant long enough to make him fall asleep.  Those kinds of alternative puzzle solutions really made the game feel like there were endless possibilities for doing things--that there was always something new to discover if you could just figure out how and think outside the box.  The parser games encouraged creative thinking on the part of the player in a way that I don't believe the point-and-click versions were ever quite able to capture.  I miss that.


I'd say it's related enough to TSL to keep it there.

And really there's no need to avoid these sub-forums we get some good threads

And if you don't agree with someone, just respectfully disagree, remember:

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Quote from: stika on March 07, 2013, 01:28:04 PM
And if you don't agree with someone, just respectfully disagree, remember:

be excellent to your fellow man

...but being nice is boring...
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Would you rather be seen as rude and be hated by everybody?


Apparently, some people do. The Nazis were very rude, for example.

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I beg to differ. Those bloody Russians were rude, rioting and starving and dying everywhere! People had to walk on those streets, you know! At least the Nazis confined themselves to beer halls. :)
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Yeah, but you know who's REALLY rude?...dinosaurs. Because they're, like, fifty feet tall, and they're just so know?

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I think what I loved most (and miss most with a lot of newer games), is that the game just doesn't care about you. At all. You get your quest, and you go explore the world. You have to find your items, and then figure out how to make them work for you. For most of the problems, you have alternate solutions. You can pick if you care about points, or rejoice that you found a way past an obstacle. Give the troll a pretty gem? Or, let the goat bash him off the bridge? I really like being able to have some say in when I do tasks in a game, and having choices on how I do them. Or at least feeling like I have some say in it.  ;)

As far as the story, it was a basic hunt and gather quest surrounded by a collection of fairy tales. I agree with what has been said about the art, and about how it was surprisingly difficult to find you way around. I don't think I could have figured out the Rumpelstiltskin puzzle on my own.

I would have appreciated more description with the look function, because with the graphics I didn't always know what it is I was supposed to be seeing. Lo! An object on the ground with a round bottom and flat top. I definitely want to pick it up, but what is it? Although I'm probably the only person that had trouble picking up the bowl.  :-\ In that same line of thought, I would have appreciated some indication of where clues are so I didn't have to try looking in every dark hole on a tree...


I was still impressed I found out something about KQ1 after years of knowing about it and playing it.

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