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So stuck! Episode 4 warning spoilers - regarding b&beast!

Started by rzuzak, January 19, 2013, 03:30:07 PM

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Have done all the digging around beauty & the beast...
Need hints about the following to point me in the right direction...
[spoiler] need to get the horn off the picture! put glue on golden stick now need something else that is missing.  i want to know where i should be right now and where to not waste time... and does it have anything to do with the locked door in the castle?  is there something beyond graham's reach that i need to get?  is there an animal in the basement i need to find?  [/spoiler]

hint as lightly as possible :)  just need the smallest nudge


You need something that will capture the memory of the painting.

Which locked door are you referring to?



If so, then no, the door has nothing to do with anything.

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Have you been in the Beast's Basement yet? There's something else down there.