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I could pee on this

Started by Say, January 27, 2013, 03:11:30 AM

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I thought I'd share this with my wonderful friends, here.

You're welcome <3 :P

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times like these, I'm glad I'm allergic to cats :P


As am I, stika. Meaning, of course, they all want to sit by me and rub all over me.

I was also really not sure what to expect when clicking on this thread!

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Brilliant poem!

I don't think I've ever been peed on by a cat, though. They seem to like me enough not to pee on me. :P
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Well this just pisses me off. ;)
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bwahahaha  :rofl:

I <3 this poem. Though I've never known a cat to go around peeing on everything (I do know that it can be a problem, it's just not one I've encountered).

Oh, also, I read it in my head in this voice. (Except the poem is in English... so the voice is that guy's voice with a heavy French accent but speaking English. :P)
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Nice one although i am glad we always had cats who doesnt pee on things. ;)
Although the poem is somehow cute, its there way of protesting. ;)