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My music to share with developers. Free of charge!

Started by sorath72, December 27, 2013, 12:20:53 AM

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Is my music good enough to be in a game?

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5 min demo song made using sunvox.
Enjoy Phoenix Online as this is just a sample of my capabilities using music software and samples alike. I even sing in some of my songs. Not good with lyrics though :( But if you write them I shall sing them :)

8 bit - Sierra Tribute Mix

I offer my services as a musician artist to anyone who would like to get my music published in there games. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I need to get into making music that actually gets out there :( I would do it all for free and all my samples and songs are royalty free. Using mostly free software like Sunvox, Psycle tracker, LMMS. And paid programs such as Sonar X2 and Fruity Loops that which I paid for it with my own money.

All samples I use are royalty free ether from there free programs or from music radar which gives there samples for free to artists like me to have royalty free and legality free copyrighted infringements.

PLEASE I need to know if anyone out there would get me on board with making music for a game. I love making music as a past time so why not I say use it to make music for games. The two things I love in this world coming together. Gaming and Music making.

I hope you won't ban this tread. I really am serious about working together with developers to create breath taking music for games. Check out my channel on sound cloud and judge for yourself. Note the james bond and duke nukem is just for fun. Its really not meant to selling at all and is free for everyone to download and remix themselves.

Check out my latest awesome song using the voice of a female singer in music radar's awesome royalty free sample collection I downloaded most of :P

Enjoy my music with vids O.O

Enjoy I hope : :)
Visit me and my music on sound cloud at:

Visit my website: