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Trouble With Downloaded Installers? READ HERE

Started by Oldbushie, February 09, 2013, 03:06:30 PM

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First of all, make sure if you downloaded the Windows installer that the file extension is .exe. You have to turn on the display of file extensions in Windows Explorer's settings since it's off by default.

You can use this tool to verify files in Windows:

Once Hashtab is installed, go to the Cognition installer file and right click, choose properties, and go to the File Hashes tab. These are the CRC32 values you should see for the Windows installers:
Episode 1 - 9BF874FC
Episode 2 - 56C3DE61

If the CRC32 value you get differs from those above, then it sounds like the download got corrupted in transmission. Unfortunately there's not much we can do from our end besides adding more mirrors, and even that is not a guarantee. You'd have to check your computer's network settings or maybe call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to report a problem with downloading large files. It's not unheard of to get noise in internet connection lines.

Other things to try if the CRCs don't match:

- Disable Windows or other antivirus real-time scan, this can cause trouble when downloading large files

- Optimize your internet if you're using DSL or T1
- The most relevant option might be this: Max Receive Buffers

- Try from another computer or internet connection if possible
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What are the CRC32 values for Episodes 3 and 4?