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Cognition Episode 1 Coming on iPad February 28th!

Started by KatieHal, February 22, 2013, 08:24:19 AM

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Soon you'll be able to play Cognition anywhere, because on February 28th, Cognition Episode 1 is coming to the iPad!

We're very excited about this announcement--releasing on the iPad has been one of our goals since we began development. Tablets have proven themselves to be an excellent format for adventure games, and one of the many pluses of the Unity engine is how easy it is to port to iOS. And next Thursday is the big day!

What's more, we've got some promo codes of the demo version available right now! Catch a sneak peek of the beautiful scenes of Cognition before it's out for public release by heading over to YayCodes and grabbing one now! The codes are first come, first serve and there are a limited number available, so get one while they last!

And check out the sexy new iPad screenshots on the blog!

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