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CBE Software, creators of J.U.L.I.A. are in trouble!

Started by stika, March 01, 2013, 11:48:14 AM

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I watched all of it, BT is hilarious, he should be in every event  ;D


Haha - the phone and Spanish bit...

That was a reference to a previous live broadcast with Say, Agustin and Pablo - Pablo's phone rang DURING the broadcast, and he answered it and began carrying on a conversation.  Before our broadcast, Agustin's phone rang, and he began having a phone conversation in rapid Spanish.  As luck would have it, my phone rang during the broadcast - I sent it to voicemail, but pretending to answer, and spoke horrible Spanish, as an homage to Agustin and Pablo.

It was a good time - everyone there was a lot of fun to hang out with and talk to.  I'd love to do something like this more often, for sure.

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That event was hilarious. I'm glad everyone agreed to it haha :D <3

Here it is, for everyone who missed it. Thank you seriously, for doing this for Jan. He's a great friend and an amazingly talented musician. I seriously hope we can make a small difference and save CBE software from this break down.

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#IndieSupport <3


The wonderful folks of CBE in appreciation of all the wonderful support from the indie community will be releasing pieces of music from the game!

Here's the first one:


Apparently the Youtube plugin doesn't like https. I fixed it for you, stika. :) For the record, it doesn't like, either. I had to fix one of those a while back.

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ah sorry about that, for some reason it looked it worked for me when I posted it


JULIA: Enhanced Edition has gathered $7,106 only $396 from the Story Expansion stretch goal!


CBE Software will be hosting a live Let's Play of Ghost in the Sheets, there will even be giveaways for Participants!

link for their youtube channel



have you guys seen their new technology preview? it looks awesome!



CBE Software's Jan Kavan and his wife will host a piano and cello recital as a "thank you" for all the support they've received! :D

and in case you're wondering whether or not the second stretch goal is worth pursuing this should give you an idea:




Yep, CBE Software felt that sort of D-baggery first hand