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Guess everyone's alignment!

Started by stika, March 15, 2013, 11:21:23 AM

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Does he? :P I think he's very much committed to the law and he even reins Max in sometimes. :P The only time when he's not committed to the law is when everyone else in brainwashed, and then it's because he views Sammunmak as a usurper and mind-controller and thief of Max's body. :P
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Mm... not sure, he does use Max to beat perps to a bloody pulp

Maybe Sam is Lawful evil? :P


I think in the case of Sam, intentions matter again.  He is trying to catch whatever criminal is causing problems, so he'd definitely be good.  The fact that he lets Max do legally questionable things keeps him from being Lawful altogether, but the fact he himself doesn't do those things shows he's not fully Chaotic either.  I'd argue that Sam is Neutral Good.
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Really? That's one alignment I did't really expect.

I mean technically isn't he manipulating Sam into it? :P