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Old Games' Music

Started by GrahamRocks!, May 13, 2013, 10:26:03 AM

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- Since I got the QFG collection to work on my laptop yesterday (YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I've been considering getting a Roland MT-32 emulator.

But... I'm not too sure if I should get one or not. I mean, listen to these samples!

Gosh, way~ too much emphasis on the drumbeats, and there seem to be less emphasis on the horns and the harmony seems a little off-key (especially QFG2!) compared to the originals. Way too quiet. But, I can't buy an actual Roland due to two things.

1. While I do have a desktop PC, I can't get the QFG collection to download correctly onto it. Which makes getting the module pointless, as I highly doubt I can connect a laptop to a sound module.

2. Even I COULD get it working somehow on my desktop, I don't have room for it.

Yeah, are there any better suggestions other than Munt? Assuming they haven't gotten better since then, I might be considering Boxer, or just going with the sound I have now.

EDIT: Hmmm... this DOES sound better. Less reverb though.

Okay, I'm impressed by this Codename: ICEMAN one!

I'm sure Stika will like this one.


Isn't Dos-Box already compatible with the Roland MT-32?


I bough the collection off GOG. com, I'm not using Dos-Box. I don't think I am anyway?

I updated my post.


If you bought it on then chances are you're using dos-box.

however will usually hide the .ini files for you, so I couldn't tell you where to go/what to do :\


I like the music in the Scabb Island introduction. What I always thought was a nice touch is those opening/ending scene high notes (that were also in SQ3's intro), that always sounded like someone whistling. And actually, in the remake they actually DO have someone whistling there!