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Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle is Available Now!

Started by KatieHal, May 16, 2013, 11:43:22 AM

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Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle is now available in the Phoenix Online Store, and for the next 24 hours, we're having a sale to celebrate!

When a trail of clues—and bodies—lead Erica to the luxurious Enthon Towers, her post-cognitive powers leave her unable to escape the dark betrayals in its past. The shocking truth about the Oracle's identity is revealed, along with the killer's connection to Erica's own tragic past. No longer sure who she can trust, if anyone, Erica is determined to find the truth, no matter what the cost.

From now until 3 PM EST/12 PM PST on Friday May 17th, we're running an exclusive sale on the following items:

Jump into the penultimate chapter of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, where you get to play not only as Erica, but also step into the shoes of the mysterious Oracle!

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