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Started by jen, June 04, 2013, 01:46:37 PM

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Last night, I was on GOG, no specific reason, and I noticed they now offer games for MAC.  I personally don't have a mac, but thought some here may and would like a little info.

It's not all games, but if you have a mac and want to take a look, the link for the mac list is:


I could be wrong, but haven't they been offering Mac games for a while now?

Also, I might as well high-jack this thread to let everyone know that one of my all-time favorite games is on sale at


They've offered games for Mac for a while (yay!) but they only fairly recently sorted them into their own category. Before, you had to go through, look at games you like, and see if they had the Apple symbol on them. Since I also have a PC (well, since my parents also have a PC they never use in their family room....) this wasn't a huge problem for me but for a lot of other Mac users I can imagine it was something of a nightmare.
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