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Times are WAY off!

Started by TakariFreak, June 04, 2003, 06:33:09 PM

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I just noticed this today...I'm on GMT -5 time (EST), and right now, but that time, its about 8:30 pm.  However, the fourm says it's 3:30 for that time zone, which is 5 hour behind!  What gives?  I know it was an hour off for daylight savings awhile back, but that's just bizzare..any way to fix this?
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our webmaster is lazy!!

yeah times here are darn weirdo, anyways, I never pay too much attention to them, they have been always like that, screwed up for me

I wonder why supah webmaster forum guru hasnt fixed it yet lol;D

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To let you stay up more on the forums? ;D


Well, at least this way I'm technically always on GMT time, so I guess Greenwich is on the East coast of the US now... ;)
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