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The E3 Trailer

Started by Thaumaturge, June 11, 2013, 06:22:21 PM

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Forgive me please if I overstep in posting this, or if I've missed that it has already been posted, but I saw the E3 trailer on the Pinkerton Road fora and, finding that it wasn't yet here, wanted to share it, I believe.

As to my own impressions (pretty much as I've said over at Pinkerton Road, I believe):

I'm not sure of how I feel about some elements of the graphical style (I find a slightly cartoonish feel to it in places, and some of the animations feel a little unconvincing to me). I do like the graphics for the most part, however; the traces, tarot cards and bridge scene towards the start are all lovely, for example.

Nevertheless, I'm still very excited to get to play this: the story and music are easily enough to counter whatever small reservations the graphics might give.

The glimpses of analysis and perception gameplay look interesting, and could be quite enjoyable, depending on their implementation; I'm looking forward trying them!


I'm curious to what exactly the plot is supposed to be. I haven't been following Pinkerton Road very much, so maybe it says something there.

Just from the trailer and what's said? I'm reminded of Cog.


If I recall correctly, the trailer mentioned an incredible power source and quantum physics; the title describes a shape that is generally presented in a form that is close to the standard symbol for infinity and that has the unusual properties of having no end and only a single side.

That, combined perhaps with vague memories from the Kickstarter days (Aye, them was the days! You young whippersnappers just don't know! :P), suggests to me potential elements involving alternate universes (which perhaps are somehow nevertheless the same universe, as in the sides of a moebius strip), time travel or recurrence; perhaps the technology extracts energy from an alternate universe that turns out to be the same universe at another time, or a later or previous iteration of a recurring universe. Reincarnation and perhaps Eternal Recurrence also come to mind.

I'm hoping for something heavily philosophical, perhaps even covering questions of identity ("is the later occurrence of me the same as me?", perhaps). ^_^


Post and theorize away! And offer your thoughts, of course. :) All interesting theories...naturally, my response is  :suffer:

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Of course it is. XD

However, note that the "suffer" emoticon is nodding; clearly, my conjecture is correct! However, since the "suffer" emoticon always nods, that means that whatever wild guesses I post will inevitably be correct. Since the story to Moebius has not yet been revealed, and quantum physics is involved, said story clearly exists in a state of quantum superposition, both one storyline and another, indeed all storylines at once; my conjecture and the confirming animation of the "suffer" emoticon serve to collapse the waveform into the story that I suggest! I have the power to re-weave the fabric of the the story at will! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

... Or maybe I should get some sleep now.

Yes, that sounds right.