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Let's Play Ultima Underworld...through screenshots

Started by stika, May 21, 2013, 02:31:44 PM

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Because I suck as a regular Let's play commentator I've decided to to record my Ultima Underworld adventures through screenshots, also because I was starting to highjack the retro games thread

Anyway, the story so far:

Finished Mapping the first floor

On the second level I find a Beholder

attacking it only damages my weapons

one wand and two mana potions later I kill it magic

Finished mapping level 2

On the third sub-floor I break out a pen and a paper to take notes of this guy, so I can learn the Lizards' language

As I learn the third tier of magic I can now cast the "walk on water" spell, so I can finally kill those mini-kraken things

After killing so many beasts I almost forgot the Lizardmen are friendly, almost attacked this guy for no reason

In order to release a prisoner, this guy demands food, but I don't have enough and I'm nearly over-encumbered, so I drop it on the floor near him and I'll return later with more food #videogamelogic

How is it that I've killed beholders and can cast mid-to-high level spells, and yet this bandit is the most fearsome enemy I've encountered yet?


One day, I'll have the patience to actually do one of these "Let's play..." things.
"You Can Feel Good About Hood"


Me, I'd like to do an LP with actual commentary someday. Perhaps Aveyond or the King's Quest 2/3 remake?

Only I need a capture card or camera and some recording equipment. I DO have headphones, but they're just have earpieces, no mic.


visited that prisoner again and asked him if he knew what a Paladin is

Apparently, he's not entirely sure


Trapped in a dungeon inside a volcano filled with demons and beholders... but not even here can I evade graffiti in the walls



the third floor of the stygian abyss is now fully explored I believe