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#FindNoir: FaceNoir Giveaway

Started by stika, July 10, 2013, 02:53:21 PM

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#FindNoir Face Noir Giveaway!

We are releasing a promotional game for #FaceNoir, it's called #FindNoir and while we were about to post it, we thought, why not make it interesting? If you do participate and you guess everything right then you could be one of our lucky winners to get copy of Face Noir WITH the soundtrack entirely for free!

Want to get free stuff!? Then participate! Here's this week #FindNoir - Enjoy and good luck!


Does the big "#FINDNOIR" emblem in the bottom left of the screen count? Or the word "they" that shouldn't be in the text at the bottom? ;)
Weldon Hathaway



The shovel in the upper left corner, the "Beer" thing on the column to the right of the shovel, the Gameboy on the chair in the upper right corner, the pink Saxaphone type thing on the desk, and....thinking on last one...will edit soon....arrgghh, last one is tough, I'll guess the picture on the far left wall assuming we're discounting the mouse pointer.


The shovel, the beer sign, the Gameboy, the saxophone, and the painting on the far left wall


Last week 5 right answers were - Unicorn art, Tentacle food, Beer art/sign, Shovel and a Gameboy. Congratulations are in order to the selected once who got it right this week: Chris Ramion, Daniel Peck, Candice Baker (#HaiFrand) and Erbkaiser. Unlike last week we invited not just everyone from our Twitter and Facebook to participate but also from our Steam group as well :)

Anyways, as always carefully scientifically selected - the winner of this week is...

CHRIS RAMION! Congratulations, Chris! I will be contacting you soon so you can claim your free stuff :)

Officially, this is our last week for #FindNoir. The game is coming out tomorrow and this last one is a bit complicated, but it also has a 6th item! If anyone find it and says what it is correctly, it then we will extend #FindNoir for ONE MORE week, regardless of the Pre-Ordering time being over.

Anyways, here's this week #FindNoir - Enjoy and good luck!