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Linux and the future of tsl on steam. Also some thoughts on graphics updates.

Started by sorath72, August 11, 2013, 02:07:31 PM

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You think there will be a version of silver lining once its done that will be worked on for Linux. I can tell you that I ran the game in Wine and it runs beautifully smooth and lag free on my old laptop. Wondering if this was already addressed or not.

Also you think you guys have the right to release the game under greenlight as a free to play game? I mean I know there are legal issues like you can't sell the game I believe not sure though. But it would be nice to have it on steam too. Does anyone agree with me or not? Haven't posted here in a while. Just thought I'd say what's on my mind.

Also you think the graphics are going to be updated? Because I saw the model version of Rosella and it seems like its being updated ??? Any thoughts on this.

Thanks a bunch gang. I grew up with king quest. And would like the game become Epic even more then it is. For all fans that don't even know the game exists to enjoy the game as I am to this day.

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that's a pretty good question, I'll pass on that question to the team, see if someone answers ;)


Hi Steph--welcome back! I don't think I've seen you on here for a while :)

For Episodes 1-4, it's unlikely we'll do a direct Linux port. This is because they were made in Torque, an engine that's rather outdated and not even actively supported anymore (by the company that made it). It's not impossible that it will never happen, but it would take a lot of programming work to get it there; the same with having a direct Mac version of those episodes, though I'd say that's slightly more likely. We have heard from a number of people that running the game through Wine works really well, though, and that's what we'll continue to recommend.

Episode 5 is a different case since we're making that one in Unity. Porting to Mac is very easy--we do Cognition in both PC & Mac--and when we upgrade to Unity 4, porting to Linux will also be much easier. There's no date set for when that upgrade will happen, though it's on our wishlist to be sure. So once that happens, and Episode 5 is complete, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't port it over to Linux as well. :)

As for having TSL on Steam, that's a no. The game is owned by Activision, not us, so distribution decisions go through them and they've preferred we only distribute it through our site. It's another thing I'd say could maybe happen, but I very much doubt it ever will.

Thanks for the continued support! :)

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