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Episode 4 is awesome!

Started by Cathenah19, September 19, 2013, 01:20:11 PM

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I just finished episode 4, and it did live up to my high expectations. Aside from a few technical problems of the game randomly locking up and the audio and video desyncing, especially at the end, it ran smoothly from start to the epic finish.

The puzzles overall were of a similar difficultly level seen in the other three episodes, and many of the little details that Cordelia commented on were nice, since they served to humanize her a little more.

Some of the more interesting and odd moments came near the end, and are in the spoiler below. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)
[spoiler]I thought Keith's villain speech to Erica in the tomb at the end explaining how she and her dad would die by his machine was a little over-the-top, but I do understand that this fellow went around the bend years ago, so he's entitled to his Bond-villain speech.

The part where Erica is in the burning chamber at the end was one part where I did go, "Huh?" Wouldn't the heat have already killed her or at least rendered her unconscious? And where did the flames come from? Was it a furnace or incinerator? If so, why did it have open bars on the door? [/spoiler]

Aside from my problem of trying to think too much into it, I did see it coming at the end where [spoiler]Erica was "talking" to John's ghost or her just thinking of what he would say to her in her mind, but it was a nice, Shakespearean-tragic touch to the story, and it did answer the question that had been bugging me since the end of episode three and throughout episode 4. [/spoiler]

Overall, a great finish to a great game, and hopefully there will be a season two coming with the further adventures of Erica Reed.


So glad to hear it you liked it! :D

I actually haven't played it yet, need to get on that  :rofl:


Thank you cathenah! So glad to hear you liked it! We hope for a season 2 someday as well. :)

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