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Art Asset Overview: The Silver Lining Episode V

Started by ZoëCastillo28, October 20, 2013, 09:55:26 PM

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Hello TSL Community,

This is ZoëCastillo28, I'm a 3D artist working on episode 5 of "The Silver Lining" series. I'm hoping to get the awesome community of TSL Fans, excited again for the final expansion of Graham's adventure.

The goal of this topic is to bring my fellow co-workers at Phoenix Online Studios to help push this game to completion. With Moebius and Gabriel Knight getting all the attention, The Silver Lining is on the verge of death or in the minds of many, D.R.T...Dead Right There!

My hope is to have small updates that are completely spoiler free from the game.

So with all that said, here is a skull that will be in one of TSL's puzzles. From final sculpt to final asset used in Unity 3D.

Final Sculpt in Zbrush. A base mesh was created in Maya using box modeling.

Sculpt is polypainted for color.

Final sculpt is decimated, and a low poly count mesh is created. Its good to have small assets in game to be around 300 triangles for Unity 3D to run smoothly.

The low res mesh is UV unwrapped so all the high res mesh details can be made into the normal map, specular map, and the all important diffuse map(Color).

once all that is finished I use a program call Marmoset Toolbag to see my mesh in a pre game engine state. with all the maps added to the mesh.

I hope you guys like this thread, and if I garner enough of an audience, I'll start posting more asap.
Let your voices be heard, get The Silver Lining alive again!

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Very excited to see any and all updates on episode 5. Please keep posting, and I will keep following.



Welcome to the team Zoë! And that looks really impressive! :D


Thanks for sharing Zoe! Oo, knowing the puzzle for this, it's great to see the skull modeled. Looks awesome!

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I'd recommend against using it as a bowling ball; you never know if the skull you're using is demonically possessed and evil. :P

The art is beautiful. :)
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