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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Started by Intendant S, October 21, 2013, 03:32:56 PM

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Intendant S

With Face Noir being out for a while now, I thought I'd see what people thought about the game.  Tell us what you liked, didn't like, or just thought "OMG, I never want to see that ever again as long as I live!"
"I'd be disappointed if you didn't find the Major intoxicating. I mean, after all she is me - or the next best thing to me. "


believe it or not I only started playing it last weekend and so far I've just reached the red tulip bar. I freaking LOVE the soundtrack. I was also really impressed by some of the actors like the man running the hotel and that actress wanna-be.

As for stuff I didn't like. I do feel the translation isn't quite as smooth as it could've been but it's mostly minor stuff :)

Intendant S

As I mentioned in the "Favorite Character" thread, I really loved the interactions between Jack and Greta.  Those two just gel for me.  There were a couple puzzles that I didn't much care for, but I can't remember which ones.  I might have to go for a second playthrough.
"I'd be disappointed if you didn't find the Major intoxicating. I mean, after all she is me - or the next best thing to me. "


Since I had no game to play after finishing Cognition, I decided I'd give a try to Face  Noir. I enjoyed playing the game. Loved the soundtrack. Loved the "dialogue" puzzles when you have to match several clues/hints that you gathered from previous conversations. Voice acting was so-so, but bearable.

There is one thing, however, that really, reaaally bothered me: the interactive "mouse" puzzles. Now I understand why this could be innovative in some ways, but I often play on my laptop, and most of the time, I don't use a mouse. And these puzzles were *impossible* to solve with a touchpad (at least on my laptop, on which I cannot click left and hold right at the same time). Since the game is pretty linear, this means I had to stop playing (when I wasn't home and didn't have a mouse nearby). 

To be honest, even when I did have a mouse, I really didn't think it added much - unless we're speaking about adding frustration.  OH MY, that cylinder! I had it right almost from the beginning, but for some reason nothing ever happened, until I realized one or two parts were slightly misplaced. Same thing about the toy puzzle.

Apart from that, I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to part 2!


Liked this game for the most part. The graphics, backgrounds and music were all great. That said, the voice acting was pretty mediocre. It sounded like the same guy who played James Murphy in Shadows of the Vatican was the voice of Jack Del Niro. That said, I will definitely be playing Face Noir II when it comes out.
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