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Let's Play Alone in the Dark

Started by stika, October 30, 2013, 12:00:57 PM

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I never did an LP series, so lower your expectations, but here :P


Great LP so far. I've never played Alone in the Dark, so I'm not sure where this will go.

I do have to thank you for giving me an excuse to add several pairs of high heels to my zombie apocalypse survival kit so I can kick the attacking hordes of zombies to death.  ;D


Hahaha, thank you! Yeah I laughed so hard when I saw my own character kicking zombies with her high heels :P


Well thx for posting that sure was entertaing i laughed so hard when she goes to the little horse toy and wants to ride and you said to her we dont have time for that, and how shes kicks butt with the heels: hilarious xD i sure had a good time watching both videos thx for sharing. :) ;)