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I Was Just Wondering If A Set Number Of Episodes Are Planned?

Started by appollo147, December 07, 2013, 03:08:41 PM

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Hi, I really want to play The Silver Lining, but I would like to wait to start playing until all episodes are released so I can play from beginning to end without having to wait for a new episode to be released before I can finish the game. Do you guys already have a set number of episodes in mind? And if so would you please tell me how many will their be? And one other question, is each episode a complete game with a unique story that has it's own ending, or does each one end on a cliffhanger with the story to be continued in the next episode until the last episode?


Episode 5 will be the last one. :) All the episodes have an overarching plot, which has to do with the twins being cursed.
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