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The Quest For Glory Thread!

Started by snabbott, July 01, 2013, 12:11:12 PM

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heh, as a general rule I don't like playing as fighters in these sort of games, I often find their gameplay style well... for the lack of a better word, boring.

Rogues and mages are so much more interesting imo :P


QuoteI'm sure if someone wrote a story about the three different characters working together, they could probably find an interesting dynamic between the three, showing that no one character is better or worse than the other, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

*ahem* GrahamRocks, that's your cue to get to work writing.
So you HAVE read my story then!

What do you think?

I admit, I've had writer's block for quite awhile, alongside family stuff. I think I might be getting my muse back though, now that I have a brainstormer person again on QFMGForums.

And, I really wish I'd written that prologue better now that I think about it. I could have had a scene with each of the boys' families, showing what their lives were like at home, but nope! We just see Marcus's and a bit of Rico's and then we're off!

Also, Marcus calls his mom 'Mom' in the Prologue instead of 'Mother' like I've been imagining him doing (especially since he addresses his dad as 'Father' not 'Dad'. Plus 'Mom' and 'Father' just doesn't sound right.)

Deloria Edit: Fixing quote tags. :)


I haven't actually read your story, but I definitely know that you're writing one. Well, I'm a writer too, and what I can say about wishing you wrote an early chapter better is simply to go back and change it. Don't be afraid to make edits to something long after you've written it. I change my stuff around all the time and it almost always works out for the best.
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I actually think Quest for Glory IV is the most touching game I've ever played. I love the way everyone's reactions to you change depending on what you've done for the town. :D

Quote from: GrahamRocks! on August 07, 2013, 08:15:20 PM
Well, you know that whole thing with the associated seasons in the series that the Coles talked about years ago? I plan to follow that.

Spielburg: Spring.

Shapier: Summer.

Tarna: Late Summer-Early Fall

Mordavia: Fall

Silmaria: Winter
I actually had no idea. :) Greek winters can traditionally be pretty cold and wet. :P And they all take place in quite short succession to each other: QfG1 only just ends and you take off and you're only in Shapier/Rasier for two weeks, and IIRC you're only in Tarna for a few weeks too, and that goes straight into QfG4, which you can spend an endless amount of time in. :P
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No, QFG1,3,4, and 5 you don't have time limit. You can take as long as you want! It's only 2 that has a time limit of 30 days.

And yes, I love how everyone warms up to you in town after awhile!

Greek Winters are cold and wet, huh? Well, Marete is an island.


So is England, and that's always cold and wet. :P

That's true though; I never accounted for the fact that the ending animation/cutscenes might take place weeks or months after the action had ended.
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I love it is there a collection for the quest of glorys game? i would buy it for sure those games are oldies but goodies and classic.


Yes, there is!

Ever heard of a site called GoodOldGames.Com? They have the collection of ALL the games for only $10!


only at this site? i am from austria and i guess they only accept creditcards?
Maybe a friend could help me out but this could get a little difficult than how  to buy it, but at least there is a collection avaible witch hopefully will works with windows xp or windows 7.


It works with Windows 7. Not sure about XP.

And that's the one place I know that has them legally (unlike, say through Abandonia which uses an emulator), plus they fixed most (if not all) of the glitches and crashes by patches in their version.


Well somehow a friend helped me out with my creditcard an as i can tell  yes those Games are compatibles with Winxp all you need is a programm called dosbox but that comes along with the collection.
I love the Quest For Glory it has a great humor and it his a nice balance between story and action and i love the fact you can choose between Thief, mage, and Fighter.

But i noticed some problem..the maincharcater is so slowly walking..when i putted it up to the fastest speed i could no longer handles the enemies between the fights and died instantly has anyone else this problem?
How to fix it? i am not an expert when it comes to the dosbox, and just in case you know which quest for glory i mean Quest For Glory 1.
Help would be appreciated thx. :)


For help with those, some people here may be able to help you, but you should check out GOG's forums for these games since that's where you bought them.

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Hmm i will do so i only found out i should use a programm to slow down my Pc but i dont think this will work. :-\


The only class that can basically do everything is the Thief.

The Thief loses out in the first game with SOME items and skills but in the sequels I believe it is fair game.

It is a rather steep climb though.


@Icerose, you could also try running the game in ScummVM and see if that works any better. For DosBox, there are settings for controlling the emulation in Dosbox.conf - described here:

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Thief is the only correct choice, gives you room to get creative and also gives you some leeway to be the quintessential charming rogue.
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While I imagine that the Thief can get access to all of the character skills, from what I recall of playing a Wizard/Paladin hybrid, some of the quests are explicitly tied to the player's class; I imagine that the same is likely true of the Thief, meaning that a Thief presumably wouldn't get access to the quests for a Wizard's staff in 3 and 5, for example.