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Did Alexander strike anyone else as kind of a Wuss?

Started by Sir Perceval of Daventry, December 21, 2013, 09:46:45 AM

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Alexander as an archtype is the romantic scholar. He feels more at home in the library then he would in the battlefield.

He isn't a wuss so much that he is soft spoken and non-violent preferring to be polite and diplomatic to everyone he meets. As well he is a romantic and likes to occasionally throw flowery language. I actually like him more that Graham and tie him with Valenice (though I mostly like her because she is more of the Fish out of water, being the least capable family member and yet she manages)

Essentially while Rosella takes after her father and is an adventurer at heart who prefers to serve her kingdom directly... Alexander takes after his Mother and is sort of a born aristocrat who serves his kindom from afar and only steps up when he feels he is needed.

I agree I don't think the voice actor was a good pick for Alexander but I always chalked it up as the people making the game wanting someone who could express the mental anguish Alexander was feeling... and playing KQ6 I know that Alexander rarely showed any emotion.

Also Alexander is no where close to a wuss. He even chose to fight an experienced swordsman with a overweight display sword. Do not confuse his softspokenness with an unwillingness to do what has to be done. He just doesn't have any bravado.

QuoteEither way, he lets himself get pushed around again and stupidly activates a volcano even when he knew he shouldn't. He is then very quickly forgiven for all this when he regains his true form, even though he obviously retained enough of himself to go after Rosella in the first place. What a punk

What justifies Edgar's actions and lets him off is that he had his memories sealed away and new ones put in place. So he retained his intense desire to be with rosella but also "knew" he was the evil son of Malicia. Thus he tried to marry the two and that is what caused the problems.

He wasn't in control and Rosella would have acted in the exact same manner had the same thing happened to her.

QuoteAnd, of course, we have TSL Edgar, who is way too mopey

Honestly what sort of drove me nuts was I honestly felt like there was a missed opportunity there. Edgar spent two games being unable, or a direct hindrance, to help Rosella in anyway and had to be bailed out himself. Then when it is time for him to step up and be the hero...

The game doesn't let him do anything. I honestly suspected he was helping behind the scenes or guarding the Prince and Princess directly, maybe saying in passing that he fought off an assassin, but no.

By all means the ONE time Edgar could be the most useful, the ONE time he had his total mind... and he might as well been comatose.

But that is just my problem with TSL overall. No one outside Graham and the Genie does ANYTHING. Though I expressed it before.

QuoteAs blown out of proportion as the Edward Cullen thing was, it was hardly the first time in fiction a guy has stalked a girl and it was apparently perfectly okay because the guy was just so unbelievably sexy. Same thing here. Why do women like Alexander? I don't get it.

For Edward the best explanation I've heard is that the sexual repressed society towards women (women have a larger sex drive then men, but are taught to repress it more) makes him sort of perfect as a love for them. Someone who they can essentially throw their passions at but cannot reciprocate it.

As for Alexander... I'll just say what I like about him. He is sweet, he seems like a very nice guy, he is quite intelligent and well studied, as well he is quite a romantic, he is diplomatic and is kind to everyone. Sure he isn't going to put an arrow into anyone's heart unless he needs to, but that is what I like about him.