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Bleem me up, Scottie!

Started by Spikey, July 09, 2004, 08:38:38 AM

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On Jeysie's comment; I always provide specific instructions to people that ask for them.

Never heard of 'Bleem!', it's not an old Sierra and/or adventure/action game (I really only know how to solve problems in Sierra games, Apogee ones and Kyrandia).

- Spike
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Spikey: Well, consider this a formal request for a set of instructions on how to get the KQ games running under XP. ;)

Oh, and Bleem! is an unendorsed commercial Playstation 1 emulator that lets you play PS1 CDs in your computer's CD-ROM drive.

Peace & Luv, Liz

Louisiana Night

I normally use EpsxE(works on Windows9x/XP/NT and Linux) now. There's argument about it being legal, but as long as SONY gets their money, I assume it is.

P.S. I think Bleem!(it's legal) is only sold in the UK now.


I know Bleem! is legal... I just thought I remembered there being this big thing over Sony getting cranky and trying to shut it down or whatever. Perhaps I misremembered.

Peace & Luv, Liz


Ah, I did remember it right.

Personally, I thought it was kind of a dumb move all around on Sony's part. IIRC, most companies either don't make much money or even lose money on sales of the actual console... it's the game sales where the real profit kicks in. (I remember my bosses at Toys R Us saying that if they were lucky they made something like a whopping 1-2 dollars of profit on each console sale... with the companies not getting much more themselves.)

IMHO, if Sony was smart, they'd sell that emulator they bought and play up the idea of being able to play Sony PS games on your PC to the hilt. People will still buy the actual consoles for a number of reasons, but I'd think they could get a lot more game sales that way. They could bypass the "compatibility" issue by officially stating that all PS games are designed for the console itself, and you buy and use the PC thingy "at your own risk" and then shunt all the tech support to the emulator maker.

Of course, there's probably some unfortunate combination of human nature and law that would dictate why this won't work... bleh. I know I'd probably be a bit more willing to play PS games if I could legally play them on my PC. (Harrison has a PS1, but usually he's either playing it (or another console) himself or watching TV.)

Peace & Luv, Liz

Louisiana Night

Well, now that there's a Bleem! thread...

Anyone here ever own a Dreamcast?