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Moebius Buzz Fishing....

Started by HitBattousai, February 02, 2014, 11:07:28 PM

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To be blunt, there hasn't been a lot of buzz on the game in a while, through adventure game sites in general, the Pinkerton Road forums, or here.  So as a fishing exercise to try and generate some here, this post.  The last I heard the first episode is loosely set to release in Q1 sometime, presumably for PC and Mac first, then other platforms later.   

Intendant S

There actually has been a lot of talk about Moebius, but it's been mostly in the backer section of the Pinkerton forums. The game is still in production and I doubt they're ready to start promoting it until it gets closer to release.
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Thanks for the reply.  I'm sure that they will promote it more when closer to release, but it's basically been since the trailer in November that anything significant has come out in the public view, which I don't regard as a good thing.  I have every confidence that the game itself will be excellent, but even just some screenshots around the usual sources I think would be worthwhile.