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Episode 1- Stuck at the "Eyes" Puzzle

Started by Thunderforge, February 22, 2014, 08:04:25 PM

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So I used the light gadget device from Terrence (after retracing all my steps again...wish he would have just given it to me in the first place since I already knew the paint was fresh from last night so it was obviously covering something) and got the message saying "If only I could see through your eyes" or something like that. I mastered the projection power and I could see the astral form of the guy hanging. When I looked at his eyes, Erica said that the message behind the graffiti must mean that he was looking at something.

It's hard to tell exactly what he was looking at when he got hanged, but his face is pointed towards either something on the shelf or in the barrel, or maybe even the cleaning supplies. But Erica says in both cases that there's nothing important about them. There aren't any hotspots in that direction either and Erica doesn't comment any further on what the body's eyes were looking at.

To make matters worse, I left and came back and now I can't do the projection power again, so I can't bring up his body to try to make Erica remember which direction the guy was looking. So what in the room was the guy looking at?