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Episode 3 freeze

Started by JD, March 08, 2014, 06:19:39 PM

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I'm currently playing Ep 3. I've got to the part where you can open the desk drawer in Cordelia's bedroom. I'm on the screen where you can see the journal itself, but the game has frozen - clicking on the "turn page" and "exit" buttons doesn't do anything, and there's just no way out. I haven't saved for a long time (I know, my fault), and I'm not sure I can be bothered to go through pretty much the whole game again, but if anyone out there has a savegame from here or soon after, please send it my way!!


Hi there

I'm experiencing exactly the same problem on my Mac. When I get to the diary, I'm unable to click anything at all and the cognition spheres/save option aren't there anymore. I tried it again today and managed to get away from the diary, however I was left with Erica in the bedroom, only able to control her walking around but no hotspots available. Both times I've had this problem I've ended up having to shut down my computer manually which is pretty bad, as there is no way out of the screen - I can't even get the Mac to split screen or anything.

Please let us know how to fix this!!!


Having exactly the same problem, who else? With 25 of us it will be considered a very hot topic, so who else? Using windows 7. Oh yes, I tried pressing lots of keys and somewhere at the m, n, or b the journal disappeared and we were back in the room, but there the game was frozen again, maybe this helps. Before killing the game I made a dumpfile of the process, but it is too big for upload, so I will keep it in case anyone would want to use it.