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Which KQ..........

Started by racx_00, December 19, 2003, 04:58:15 AM

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Which KQ do you least like?

King's Quest 1
7 (19.4%)
King's Quest 2
3 (8.3%)
King's Quest 3
3 (8.3%)
King's Quest 4
0 (0%)
King's Quest 5
2 (5.6%)
King's Quest 6
1 (2.8%)
King's Quest 7
2 (5.6%)
King's Quest 8
18 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 35


KQ8 got my vote.  Mainly because of it not being a "traditional" King's Quest.

Shoving MoE aside though, my worst of what I played was KQ5.  I found it so slow, boring, frustrating, irritating, the voice acting(!), as I always complain about.  I may try again, but it really didn't capture me, like KQ6 did *heart*

The older ones, I've only completed the first one, but they scare me, lol.
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I really like KQ2 when I first played if but when looking at it again I realize how much it seems to be a rework of KQ1.  Just my two cents... ;)
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I voted MoE.  I won't dwell on why--we know why.  (Because it was terrible! XB)
If I hadn't been able to vote for that, I would have gone for KQ1 or 5.  Any game that, after finishing with full points, I need only save once throughout the entire game and can finish in one sitting of less than three hours doesn't have enough plot, tricky parts, or puzzles. And since I can finish KQ1 in under an hour with full points, and KQ5 takes me about an hour and 45 minutes, if I'm slow and get interrupted (which tends to happen when I play it lately).


I liked KQ 7 the least.  It didn't have the dark edge that KQ 6 had and the story wasn't as compelling to me.  I never got to play KQ: Mask of Eternity and I've wanted to just to see if it's as bad as they say...

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What I think of, when I think of each one.

KQ2=damsel in distress
KQ3=I'm a slave!? :o
KQ4=Music, and day/night cycle
KQ6=Gabriel Knight
KQ-8/KQ8=haven't played

I'll say KQ2.

Bad things.
Finding keys to go thru doors, reminds me of Doom.
Everyone, including enemys, at the wedding(confusion).
No "nikstlitselpmur" puzzle.

Good things
2 endings.
Saving the damsel in distress.


Quote from: Storm on December 21, 2003, 02:57:55 PM
Coming to judge which KQ I disliked the most, I didn't look at things like which of them had a good story, graphics, sound, etc. What I looked at was how much I enjoyed playing them.
I agree that KQ1 had no plot to speak of, I'll even admit I get rather bored playing it now (even the remakes :P). I'll also admit its graphics, sound, interface and pretty much everything looks ridicules by todays standards. But when I first played it on my old XT, it was THE most amazing game I've ever seen. Ken Williams refers to this as the "WOW factor",

I echo that almost completely(I actually still enjoy playing KQ 1, even though it goes really fast and I don't have to save the game(except maybe when I climb the bean stalk)). However I had to vote for KQ 5, since that was, considering the WOW-factor, the game in the KQ-series(yes, including MoE) that wowed me the least. The voice thing was really hard to get over, since you couldn't opt for text. Had THAT been an option, this would have been a whole different story.

As far as MoE, it is once and for all inextricably a part of the KQ series, whether we like or not, and as far as a game, I liked it. Do I think it is a KQ game? No. Do I think it belongs in the series? No. But it was a good game, in my opinion, and since it is a part of the series, for good and for bad(read: bad) I can't vote it as the game I liked the least.

(that was probably more than 2 cents worth...) ;]
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