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Finished the game, and....

Started by Tazettae, April 15, 2014, 10:51:56 PM

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I only have one real comment: there damn well better be a sequel! Or more than one!

Jane, I hate to say this, but in some ways it feels like that was Act 1. I can see how it tied up many of the plotlines, and developed the character of Malachi - but there are some very major loose ends here.

And besides, I want to know more about Malachi. And David. And the Moebius theorem. And WTF happens in Malachi's head. And ....


I finished it last night and l gotta say I loved it!  ;D ;D ;D

But I agree with Tazettae, I want a sequel ASAP. The Moebius plot and the characters are so good I'm left wanting more of it  :D

I want to see what becomes of Augustus, what will happen with Malachi and David, and Gretchen and Dexter... You get the picture. This was a great appetizer / opening for a series and well worth the kickstarter support, because I think it will be a great game series someday. I'm really happy I had a small part in helping it get started :)

Keep up the good work and please, continue the story !

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Careful ladies.   If you wear "bright, passionate colors" you are clearly sexually frustrated.  Rector sez so.
Everyone looks into a mirror through the curvature of self-justification.  Pride is a FuNHoUsE distortion.


Depends on the context.. on a dimly lit library devoid of people.. ya I agree with him ;)


Not to mention that if you wear purple clothes and orange lipstick, you're looking for a blonde.

Oh wait. Sorry. If you fail to fawn all over Malachi, you're looking for a blonde. Ahem.